Dynamics and vibration laboratory

The Dynamics and vibration laboratory is part of the faculty’s advanced dynamic engineering facilities. It is equipped with leading cutting-edge measurement and testing technologies to serve a large group of researchers with a focus on many aspects of dynamics, such as composites and nonlinear vibrations of mechanical structures.

Experiments on small to large structures or assemblies take place in the dynamics laboratory. It is equipped with several measurement sensors, such as Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) systems, both scanning and fixed point. Dynamic testing is very well served by a wide spectrum of electromagnetic shakers and piezoelectrics, which can cover from high to medium/low frequency bandwidth. The laboratory ceiling is equipped with heavy duty cranes, allowing movement of any type of test structure. Thanks to these capabilities, this is an ideal place for carrying out complex experiments and therefore enabling industrial partnerships from aerospace to defence industry.

Continuous scan laser Doppler vibrometry (of a mock fan blade) in the Dynamics laboratory
Dynamics and vibration lab
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