Visiting Fellows

NameTitle/PositionResearch ExpertiseEmail
Dr Adham Naji

Stanford University and SLAC, Staff Scientist

Mathematical physic, Electromagnetic Wave Theory, Beam-field interaction, particle beam dynamics, resonator perturbation theory
Moray Rumney   Independant Consultant     
Frederico Boccardi Visiting Professor/Ofcom    
Dr David Humphreys Visiting Fellow/National Physics Laboratory (NPL) Metrology and uncertainty calculations and a knowledge of measurement systems for optical and RF communications
Dr Stephen Allpress Visiting Professor   Machine Learning and Image Processing
Joe Butler Visiting Industrial Professor
Ian Hindmarch Visiting Fellow
Roger Nichols Visiting Fellow/Keysight    
Ben Lavasani Visiting Fellow/National Instruments    
Dr Russell Haines Visiting Fellow Wireless MAC protocols, reliability, adoptability and reconfiguration
Dr Dritan Kaleshi Visiting Fellow
Professor Joe McGeehan Emeritus Professor Mobile Communications Technologies and Systems
Professor Christopher Railton Emeritus Professor Development of novel and efficient algorithms for a wide variety of electromagnetic modelling scenarios
John Haine Visiting Professor
Steve Wales  Visiting Fellow/Roke Manar Mobile Communications and RF Technologies   
Dr Di Kong Visiting Fellow    
Hang Chu Visiting Fellow
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