Postgraduate Students

NameProject TitleSupervisorEmail
Faya Algahtani
  Dr. George Oikonomou
Khalid Al Mallak
Millimetre-wave vehicular wireless channel characterisation, modelling and performance optimisation for 5G communications Prof Mark Beach
Ash Andrews   Dr George Oikonomou
Henry Brice Propagation models for 5G Prof Mark Beach
Henry Bromell   Prof Mark Beach
Benny Chitambira Localisation in next-generation wireless systems Dr Simon Armour
Lucia Cipolina-Kun Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Prof Robert Piechocki
Michael Dilmore Network Convergence Prof Angela Doufexi
Hakan Erdol   Prof Robert Piechocki  
Ufuk Erol Energy Efficient Communication of IoT Systems by Utilising Nodes with Multiple Radio Interfaces and Supporting Multi Frequency Protocols Dr George Oikonomou
Ben Gear   Prof Kevin Morris
Roger Green Load pull in MIMO Systems Prof Mark Beach
Peter James   Dr Geoff Hilton
Gautam Jindal Offline Digital Predistortion for high speed communications  Prof Kevin Morris
Owen Jones Wireless Communication with Moving Platforms Prof Angela Doufexi

Ahmed Khalil

  Prof Robert Piechocki

Charles Khoury

Roget Kou


Sebastian Kudera

  Dr. Geoff Hilton

Peizheng Li

  Prof Angela Doufexi

Alberto Loaiza-Freire

Measurements and characterisation of mmWave propagation mechanism for different environments and optimisation of low cost mmWave OTA prototype Dr. Geoff Hilton

Jiteng Ma

Develop low cost, energy efficient, secure RF transceiver technologies to increase robustness and resilience of the wireless communication system Prof Mark Beach

Sarmad Ozan

Frequency Agile and resilient RF Technologies Prof Mark Beach

Ioannis Papoutsidakis

Ultra-reliable Low-latency Communications Prof Angela Doufexi

Chrys Paschou

  Prof Angela Doufexi

Alex Pitt

  Prof Kevin Morris
Zhihan Ren   Prof Angela Doufexi
David Reyes Over the air validation of mmWave antenna performance Prof Mark Beach
Jonathan Thomas Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for 5G Prof Robert Piechocki
Stavros Typos   Dr. Simon Armour

Simon Wilson

Secure Dynamic Spectrum Access    Prof Mark Beach
Qingyang Xian   Prof Angela Doufexi
Robert Zakrzewski Detection of unusual behaviour in communication systems Dr George Oikonomou
Yutian Zhang   Dr Martin Cryan
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