Movement co-ordination

Ant colonies

Cell dynamics

Open to everyone, the Collective Dynamics seminar series invites speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to present topics that interest members of the group.

The talks can be theoretical or more applied and are often multi-disciplinary, focusing on mathematical and modelling approaches in fields that have included robotics, neuroscience and ecology. With coffee beforehand and often ending with a visit to the pub, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss the topics with the speakers and also meet the members of the group.

Anyone interested can contact Nikolai Bode to join the mailing list or see our current seminar schedule.

Image credits:-

  • Movement co-ordination from F Alderisio, M Lombardi et al. (2017) Front.Psychol. 8:967
  • Ant Colonies - Edmund Hunt
  • Cell dynamics - Lucia Marucci


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