News in 2009

  • Visionary educationalist urges radical rethink of secondary education 26 November 2009 Following on from his Channel 4 Dispatches programme, ‘The Children Left Behind’ (2008), former head teacher James Wetz challenges the existing orthodoxy of large schools and Academies and proposes a radical blueprint for the future of secondary schooling in a new book published today by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Urban Village Schools.
  • The advantages of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) for Schools, Trainees and Tutors: New digital resource 18 November 2009 What are the real benefits of ITE on school improvement and pupil learning outcomes? This new resource showcasing the advantages of ITE is the result of a Teacher Development Agency funded collaborative project between the Graduate School of Education and University of the West of England, and features their partnership schools, teachers and student teachers.
  • ESRC 'e-STAT' PhD Studentship 16 October 2009 This PhD will form part of an ESRC-funded project, ‘e-STAT’ funded as a new Node under the National Centre for E-Social Science.
  • Are School League Tables Any Good? 14 August 2009 Choosing a child’s school based on league tables is inadvisable because the tables ignore the uncertainty that arises from predicting a school’s future performance based on its past performance, according to new research from Dr George Leckie and Professor Harvey Goldstein of the University’s Centre for Multilevel Modelling.
  • A new forum for leaders 24 July 2009 A new forum for leaders who are working to create better outcomes for children and young people in Bristol.
  • Fiona Steele becomes youngest-ever female British Academy fellow 17 July 2009 Fiona Steele, Professor of Social Statistics at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling, has become the youngest ever female Fellow to be elected to the British Academy, a national body for humanities and social sciences.
  • Influential report on education priorities for Commonwealth small states 15 June 2009 Professor Michael Crossley, (Research centre for International and Comparative Studies), at the Graduate School of Education, presented the report with collaborator, Mark Bray, Director of the UNESCO international Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) at the 17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 14th June 2009.
  • Dr Jo-Anne Baird from the Graduate School responds to the Expert Group’s Report 7 May 2009 Dr Jo-Anne Baird from the University of Bristol’s Graduate School of Education was appointed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to advise the Expert Group on future assessment and accountability systems for primary and secondary schools. Their report was released today and here she gives her reaction to its recommendations.
  • How will educational organisations adapt to the 11-19 reforms? 30 March 2009 The effects of Government 11-19 education reforms upon educational organisations, teachers, learners, parents, governors and the local community will be investigated thanks to a £1 million Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) project.
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 5 March 2009 The Graduate School of Education celebrates MLwiN's 20th birthday.
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