Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Research in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine is intended to turn science into medicine. We aim to take our discoveries in the laboratory all the way through to the clinic for the benefit of patients and to design interventions that will prevent people from succumbing to infections or other illnesses.

Our students are taught by internationally-recognised scientists and clinicians from the beginning of the first year through to the final year. Their research informs their teaching of cell biology, cancer, stem cells and immunology, as well as microbiology and virology. In addition, all our students take biochemistry throughout the first year. Practical classes are a critical component of the courses in the first and second year and provide an excellent preparation for the final year research projects that take place in our state-of-the-art research labs on site and in local hospitals. Our students are excellently prepared to undertake research during a year in industry or after graduation.

In 2009 eBiolabs was introduced by the School of Biochemistry to help students to prepare for practical classes. Student and staff feedback was very positive and this encouraged us to develop interactive animations, videos and quizzes to support practical teaching in our School. When we rolled these out the feedback was again really good, with a huge increase in the proportion of students feeling better prepared to successfully carry out experiments in the laboratory.

What the students say:

  • “Microbiology practicals have been really good. Demonstrations are really helpful. Leading academics have explained the practical well and eBiolabs has been an extremely useful tool.”
  • “eBiolabs gives excellent background knowledge.”
  • “Like the little videos :D ”
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