Contact a student

If you are concerned have you tried:

  • contacting them in a different way: if you usually call, have you sent a text, or emailed?
  • contacting one of their friends?
  • explaining, using another communication channel, that you are worried and why you want them to contact you?

Who to contact

If you have not been able to contact them, we can help. To ensure we give your query the right priority it is important for us to understand what your concerns are:

  • has it been an longer than usual since you spoke to them?
  • is it out of character for them not to be in contact?
  • why are you particularly worried or concerned?

Contact a student during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm)

Contact a student outside office hours

Help we can offer

Find out what help and support we can offer. 

Confidentiality statement

Our Confidentiality statement recognises our students as independent adults.

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