EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Innovation for Sustainable Composites Engineering

For composites to play a major role in a sustainable future, disruptive research and radical innovations are required. Our CDT will address the challenges, and bring change from the ‘take-make-dispose’ approach by supporting the transition to full circularity.

Professor Janice Barton, CDT Director

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Innovation for Sustainable Composites Engineering will train highly skilled future leaders equipped with the expertise and resilience to address sustainability, design, manufacture, and assurance of composite products.

The research projects will provide a means of achieving environmental neutrality for composite products through production, service, and reuse. The research topics include the pursuit of more sustainable composite materials, which create inherently sustainable composite solutions, able to perform in diverse environments, and made using new scientific advances, with new energy efficient, waste-free manufacturing procedures. The CDT will explore the design freedoms and weight savings offered by reinforced polymer, metal and ceramic-based composite materials in a mission to make them key enablers for the UK’s journey to Net-Zero.

The CDT is strongly supported by the UK composites sector, with 28 organisations involved in the CDT partnership. The CDT is a partnership with University of Nottingham, the National Composites Centre and 26 other partners representing a diverse range of sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Wind Energy, Marine and Maritime, Rail, Oil and Gas, Hydrogen, Material Suppliers, Research Organisations and Specialist Design and Manufacturing Companies.

If doctoral research closely linked to industrial need appeals to you please browse these web pages to gain an understanding of the training offered and the type of applicants we are seeking, and how to apply.

September 2024 entry application deadlines are given separately for each project.

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