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Prestigious Award for Robert Fowler's Early Greek Mythography

12 December 2014

Professor Robert Fowler has been awarded the 2014 Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit for his book Early Greek Mythography Volume II. The Goodwin award is bestowed annually by the Society for Classical Studies in the USA for an outstanding contribution to classical scholarship published by one of its members in the previous three years; it is the most prestigious book award in classical scholarship.

In their citation for the award (which can be read in full at, the award committee explain the importance for classical scholarship of collections of textual fragments, and the still more complex task of commenting on them; "whereas most commentaries regard it as their task to open a preserved work to a contemporary audience, the commentary on a lost area is a very rare thing indeed. It both reconstructs and explains, and success will manifest itself when we understand what we have lost, and how important it still is." They explain how Prof. Fowler's book reconstructs the "lost continent" of this area of early Greek prose, approaching it through both philology and mythology. "Commentary might be too modest a term" for this work, they suggest, "or then it might well be the new model for reconstructive commentaries for our century." Their conclusion is that "it seems almost certain that “Fowler” will become yet another household name."


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