One of the things many of our students love about the city is how easy it is to get around. With all the buzz of a major city without the expanse, Bristol is truly walkable.

Everything you could need is within reach - in fact you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities, sights, food and drink. The abundance of street art and beautiful buildings is another reason to take a walk: you never know what you might discover.

Take in Bristol’s rich architectural heritage with the Walled City Walk, and discover hidden spaces on foot. Stroll along Corn Street, part of the old city that was the medieval heart of Bristol. There are plenty of walks to choose from, and we even have our own walking festival

Take advantage of Bristol’s numerous walkable green spaces, from Clifton Downs to Ashton Court. Or you can visit the Architecture Centre in the heart of the city to learn more about good design in the built environment.

A joint project with Sustrans, Nike and Active Living Research named Bristol as one of the nine most active cities in the world, alongside New York City, Adelaide and Copenhagen. Pedestrian areas are commonplace, and new initiatives and investment continue to make this a wonderful city to wander. 

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