Independent spirit

From the longest chain of independent shops in Europe to our own community currency, Bristol is proud to be an independent city. A place like no other; even the houses are colourful.

Bristol has a strong tradition of activism, with citizens who are engaged, expressive and ever-ready to get involved. When we became the first city outside London to choose a directly-elected Mayor, people seized the opportunity for a new approach to politics.

Get a taste of this independent spirit through locally sourced food and drink, soak up the culture and revel in Bristol’s offbeat and alternative character. The Bristol Pound encourages local spending and supports independent business.

A playful, playable city, there’s so much to see and do. Practice parkour at the UKCF academy, have a game of ping-pong at tables across the city, or be amazed by a high-flying circus act.

Hot air balloons are one of Bristol’s most iconic symbols and every year over 150 take to the skies in the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Why not take a trip? Or better yet, join the BUHABS society and learn to fly in our University balloon.

Bristol is the kind of place where you can shut off a main street to install a public water slide, watch a magic show while you eat dinner, and go to year-round festivals that celebrate everything from street art to sea shanties.

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