Creative industries

Forget about Silicon Valley, and welcome to Silicon Gorge - the triangle of tech expertise between Bristol, Swindon and Gloucester.

Bristol’s modern economy is built on creative media, technology, electronics and aerospace engineering industries. From Airbus to Bristol VR Lab, from the BBC to the science and tech hub FutureSpace, we’ve got high ambitions and the drive to deliver.

We have England's strongest digital media supply chain outside London, and Bristol is a buzzing incubator for start-ups and new enterprise. Named best business incubator in the world by UBI Global, Bristol's SETsquared has helped over 2,500 UK start-ups.

Enterprise and collaboration are central to Bristol’s success with ventures such as the Engine Shed providing space for entrepreneurs, businesses, academics and students to interact. Check out the digital partnership Connecting Bristol, and imagine a new kind of smart city through Bristol Is Open.

Bristol is the birthplace of Wallace and Gromit, with Aardman Studios reaching an international audience through stop-motion animation, apps and games. 

It's a city where creative technologies playfully rethink public space, winning a number of Playable City awards led by Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio. From lampposts that text you back to sensor-triggered projected animals, this meeting of art and technology is representative of the city.

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