News in 2010

  • Systems Centre publishes Annual Report 23 December 2010 The Systems Centre Annual Report is a new publication, which aims to capture and publicise the Centre's achievements in Research, Teaching and Enterprise.
  • Effects of El Niño land South Pacific reef fish in hot water 4 December 2010 Unseasonal warm temperatures caused by El NiƱo have a profound effect on the fish populations of coral reefs in the South Pacific, scientists have found.
  • Possible New Twist in GM Safety Debate 16 November 2010 Scientists at the University of Bristol have discovered a previously unknown route by which GM genes may escape into the natural environment.
  • Bristol Glaciology Centre monitor runoff from Leverett Glacier in Greenland 22 October 2010 A team of researchers from Bristol Glaciology Centre spent this summer monitoring runoff from the Greenland Ice Sheet at Leverett Glacier in south west Greenland.
  • Taking the pulse of coral reefs 23 September 2010 Dr Steve Simpson is based in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol. His work on reef fish behaviour has been published in Science and widely covered in the UK and international media. Emma Kennedy is a PhD student at the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Exeter. She works on Caribbean coral reefs, as part of a team of tropical marine spatial ecology researchers.
  • Climate change: Can geoengineering satisfy everyone? 15 September 2010 Reflecting sunlight from the Earth by geoengineering would undoubtedly cool the climate, but would different countries agree on how much to reflect? Research by climate scientists at the University of Bristol shows that the impact of geoengineering would be felt in very different ways across the world.
  • Cabot Institute Research Day - 29 September 2010 13 September 2010 An afternoon of engaging talks and presentations to help promote future interdisciplinary collaborations and the new Cabot Institute
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