Digital Environment Sandpit - call for external participants

18 November 2020, 10.00 AM - 18 November 2020, 12.00 PM


About the Sandpit

UK Research and Innovation has identified research into the ‘digital environment’ as a priority theme, with a view to deploying the range of emerging digital technologies to help us better understand, manage, adapt to and shape our natural and built environments.

The rise in technological inventions that monitor and model the environment has opened up new methods for tackling more complex and multi-disciplinary problems. This can improve the understanding and modelling of longer term environmental change and the predication of events, providing support to a range of public and private sector users. Researchers at the University of Bristol have the expertise to address the societal issues that lie at the intersection between the natural and built environments.

Join us for a Challenge-Driven Sandpit, where we are seeking to understand more of the challenges faced by Industry and to utilise our research to work collaboratively on novel and innovative solutions.

The event is designed to provide you with an opportunity to network with our researchers who cover a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to, seismology, atmospheric processes, radiation monitoring, hazard resilience and design, data science and sensor development. You will also be provided with some dedicated time to discuss your challenges with pre-matched individuals with the aim to develop a short proof of concept project proposal for the closed funding competition.

The offer

  • £70k is available to fund 3-4 proof of concept proposals, co-written by an external organisation and University of Bristol researcher(s).
  • Support for proposal development will be provided by the Impact Development team at the University and we will give priority to researchers and companies who have not received this type of funding before.
  • No cash contribution is required to receive funding, but it is expected that in-kind contributions of time, space, resources, equipment, date are provided as appropriate to each project.

This event will provide both structured networking opportunities and extended discussion time between researchers and external partners to understand the Digital Environment challenges they face.   After this event, submissions of proof of concept proposal will be due for internal review by the 16th December with decisions being made early in 2021.


If you would like to register your interest in this event please complete the online registration form by 6 November and an invitation will be sent to you the following week.

Further information

Upon registering you will be asked to provide the digital environment challenges that your organsiation faces, which we will use to matchmake with researchers at the University fo better facilitate discussion and propsal development on the day. Any additional questions please contact Vicky Jones (

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