The role of civil engineers in achieving sustainable construction in adverse environments in a Sub-Saharan Africa – The Malawi Experience

7 February 2018, 5.15 PM - 7 February 2018, 6.30 PM

LT 1.18, Queen's Building, University of Bristol

Dr Ngoma is an Associate Professor at the University of MalawiThe Polytechnic, which is the best technical higher education institute in Malawi. At the Polytechnic, he has been the director of one of the largest research centres Malawi Transportation Technology Transfer Centre.

Public Lecture summary:

Sub-Saharan African region is characterised by developing or least developed countries. The state of the economy and technological advancements requires innovative solutions for the population to attain sustainable and comfortable housing. The region experiences adverse environments, such earthquakes, floods and high temperatures, in addition to the existence of expansive soils. Malawi suffered devastating earthquakes of up to 6 on the Richter scale in 1989 and 2009 with flooding being an annual occurrence. Urban migration and development has also brought new challenges, such as removal of wind breaks exposing roofs to uplift due to high wind speeds, and building on hazardous grounds, such as hillsides, and low-lying areas, such as swamps by squatters. The interventions include mapping of the country to measure the risk, engineering education and training, research and development, economic empowerment programmes and promotion of innovative solutions. A Malawi building load code has been produced, the university offers a civil engineering degree, the government has housing subsidy for the rural poor, and research collaboration with other universities, such one between the University of Bristol and the University of Malawi. These interventions are making some successes, but more concerted efforts are required. The talk will highlight a wide range of urgent issues that Malawi faces.

All welcome, the lecture will be followed by a drinks reception. 

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During his stay Dr Ngoma will be hosted by Dr Katsu Goda (Engineering)

Ignasio Ngoma

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