Rusty meltwaters? Iron input events on the Eurasian Arctic margin during the last two glacial cycles

9 April 2018, 3.00 PM - 9 April 2018, 4.00 PM

Seminar Room 1, Geographical Sciences, University Road

A Glaciology seminar by Dr. Allyson Tessin from the University of Leeds who will be presenting her interdisciplinary work on biogeochemical cycling in the Arctic Ocean.  Allyson is part of the Changing Arctic Ocean: ChAOS Programme


Climate warming in high latitude terrestrial regions has the potential to significantly influence ocean biogeochemical cycling through increased delivery of freshwater, nutrients, and organic material. Changes in iron (Fe) delivery from high latitude terrestrial regions is especially important because Fe is a bioessential micronutrient, can control the sedimentary burial vs. release of macronutrients (phosphorus), and can increase sedimentary preservation of organic carbon. This talk will focus on sedimentary records from north of Svalbard that highlight a series of high Fe accumulation events that are likely associated with delivery of glacially weathered material from northern Svalbard. These events provide new insights about late Quaternary meltwater events and their implications for marine nutrient cycling.

This event is only open to University of Bristol staff and students.

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