Historical Climate Vulnerability in South Asia: Droughts, Floods, Famines and Cyclones

27 February 2018, 6.00 PM - 27 February 2018, 7.30 PM

The Old Council Chamber, University of Bristol, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1RJ

The Centre for Environmental Humanities is delighted to bring Vinita Damodaran, Professor of South Asian History (University of Sussex), to Bristol for its inaugural Public Lecture. Professor Damodaran will speak on 'Historical climate vulnerability in South Asia: Droughts, Floods, Famines and Cyclones’, a topic of pressing importance given the present and future environmental challenges facing the global population, and South Asian region. Do join us to hear Professor Damodaran put climate change, extreme weather events and natural disasters in historical perspective.

Professor Damodaran is a historian of modern India, interested in sustainable development dialogues in the global South. Her work ranges from the social and political history of Bihar to the environmental history of South Asia, including using historical records to understand climate change in the Indian Ocean World. Her publications include: Broken Promises, Indian Nationalism and the Congress Party in Bihar (1992), Nature and the Orient, Essays on the Environmental History of South and South-East Asia(1998),Post Colonial India, History Politics and Culture (2000), British empire and the natural world: environmental encounters in South Asia, (2010), East India Company and the Natural world (2014). She is particularly interested in questions of environmental change, identity and resistance in Eastern India. She is the director of the Centre for World Environmental History at Sussex.

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