Exploring gravity wave characteristics over the Southern Andes, Antarctic Peninsula, and South Georgia Island

14 February 2018, 1.00 PM - 14 February 2018, 2.00 PM

Seminar Room 2, Geographical Sciences, University Road

A BRIDGE talk from Corwin Wright, visiting from the University of Bath. 


Atmospheric gravity waves are one of the most significant dynamical processes in the middle atmosphere. Examples of processes they are critically involved in at high southern latitudes alone include polar stratospheric cloud formation, the development of the southern polar vortex, and the ‘cold pole problem’, a major issue in weather and climate models where the temperature of the polar stratosphere is consistently heavily biased. However, these waves are highly challenging to observe and study. In this talk, I will present observations and model results from this region, using a range of
satellite, balloon and ground-based instruments. In particular, I will focus on the Southern Andes and South Georgia Island, two of the largest wave source in the region. Our results highlight the major advantages new observational techniques provide to understanding  atmospheric dynamics in this and other regions.

This talk is open to University of Bristol staff and students only.

Contact information

Peter Uhe <peter.uhe@bristol.ac.uk>

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