Farming with crops and rocks to address global climate, food and soil security

26 June 2018, 6.30 PM - 26 June 2018, 7.30 PM

The Planetarium, We the Curious, One Millennium Square, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5DB

Public lecture by Professor David Beerling FRS from the Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation, University of Sheffield

Scientists have generally done a poor job of getting across the point that the world must combine reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels with strategies for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to avoid a climate catastrophe. Enhanced rock weathering is a CO2 removal strategy that may offer a pragmatic carbon cycle intervention strategy for removing some of our anthropogenic CO2 emissions while safeguarding food and soil security. Unlike other carbon removal strategies being considered, it doesn’t compete for land used to grow food or increase the demand for freshwater, but what would deployment look like and what would it cost? This lecture will address these issues.

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