The March (1990): Climate Refugees & The North-South Divide

22 February 2016, 6.00 PM - 22 February 2016, 8.00 PM

Room G5, Arts Complex, Woodland Road

In a near and all too likely future, global warming has caused the temperate regions of the earth to become uninhabitable. A group of 250 000 Africans migrate westward across northern Africa and the dried-up mediterranean seas to reach Europe. Their message is: "we are poor because you are rich", but this so-called promised land is overpopulated already, sparking severe racial and nationalistic tensions.

Join Friends of the Earth for a screening of the seminal film 'The March', followed by (optional) informal discussion at the pub! Though 'The March' was filmed in 1990, it's messages and issues of concern are more relevant now than ever before. The rise in catastophic natural events and extreme changes to our climate has caused a great deal of conflicts and displacements of people across the globe. When this happens, who is to blame, and where are these people supposed to go? Do developed countries - the architects of climate change - have a duty to admit them?

Snacks will be provided but feel free to bring food of your own!

This event is the start of a series of events that Friends of the Earth will be hosting on the intersection of environmental and contemporary social issues - keep an eye out for more events in the future!

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