Withdrawn: Challenges of environmental change

27 June 2015, 4.00 PM - 27 June 2015, 5.00 PM

Leigh Woods,Bristol

This summer, Professor Rich Pancost, Director of the University of Bristol Cabot Institute, will climb aboard an abandoned fishing boat deep within Bristol’s Leigh Woods to talk about some of the pressing issues affecting our oceans – and how we can all help turn the tide on climate change.

Discussion between: Prof Rich Pancost (Professor of Biogeochemistry and Director of the Cabot Institute), Dr Suzanne Jennions (Lecturer in Palaeobiology), Luke Jerram (Artist). Discussion about the science of the sea and the impact of humanity on the ocean. We considered the history of fishing, what fish we eat and how we choose the seafood we eat and what makes it sustainable or not. Guests invited to bring picnics.

Withdrawn boats

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