Is there a role for livestock in global food security?

12 January 2016, 5.45 PM - 12 January 2016, 7.45 PM

School of Chemistry, Lecture Theatre 1, University of Bristol

With one in seven people undernourished and with the challenges of population growth and climate change, the need for efficient food production has never been greater.  Livestock are an important part of our food production landscape, but are also associated with a number of negative environmental impacts, for instance, 14.5% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions; a proportion greater than the entire global transportation sector. Moreover, livestock consume large quantities of cereal crops that be could be otherwise fed directly to humans.  Nevertheless, a quarter of the ice-free land surface of the earth is pasture available for grazing livestock and largely unsuitable for other types of food production.  An internationally renown panel of speakers share their perspectives on what role can and should livestock play in ensuring global food security and respond to audience questions at this opening event of the 'Steps to Sustainable Livestock’ conference to be held in Bristol 12-15 January 2016.
Speakers: Imke de Boer - Wageningen University, Netherlands; Mike Wilkinson - Nottingham University, UK; Brian Perry - Visiting Professor, University of Oxford and previously the International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi; Graeme Martin - University of Western Australia and Future Farm 2050.
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This event is brought to you in partnership between with the Global Farm Platform, FSLRA and the Cabot Institute.
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