RDM RSC network: Making In Our City Event

10 July 2015, 10.30 AM - 2 July 2015, 2.00 PM

Queen's Building, University Walk, University of Bristol, BS8 1TR

 The aim of this event is to assemble different perspectives on the networks that support manufacturing activity in the Bristol City Region. A range of speakers will give very brief talks to explore:
 -  how direct (e.g. parts, assemblies, raw materials) and indirect (e.g. knowledge/advisory, design, education, finance, logistics) supply networks interact.
 -  the impact of the socio-economic (technology clusters, taxation/incentives, employment and skills, infrastructure, etc.) and historical context.
The intent is that once we have built up a few layers in a preliminary manufacturing map of the city region - and identified the areas for researchers to explore in more detail - we can then begin to address the extent to which these networks drive/inhibit (i) resilience and (ii) sustainability.
The event is free of charge, but you must register.


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