Giving pause to the ‘pause’: Reflections on the statistics, linguistics, and history of the alleged ‘pause’ in global warming

17 June 2015, 1.00 PM - 17 June 2015, 2.00 PM

Stephan Lewandowsky, Naomi Oreskes and Michael E Mann

Peel Lecture Theatre, School of Geography

This BRIDGE seminar will be given by Stephan Lewandowsky, Naomi Oreskes and Michael E Mann. 
There has been much recent public debate about an alleged ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’ in global warming, a framing that was ultimately accepted by the IPCC in its AR5. We argue that adopting this phraseology is misleading in light of the available statistical evidence about global temperatures. We survey the statistics of the warming trend, the distinction between model projections and model predictions, and the implications and possible causes of the acceptance of the ‘pause’ framing by segments of the climate-science community.
 The presentation will be followed by a discussion session.
Please note that the seminar will be held in the Peel Lecture Theatre. This room is in the main Geography building above the Hepple Lecture Theatre. Enter the building through the main entrance on University Road, go up the main staircase to the right of the entrance foyer, and at the top of the stairs go through the doors on the left hand side.
Please note that this event is open to internal staff and students only.


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