Seminar: Charting a multidisciplinary odyssey with isoscapes

11 December 2015, 3.00 PM - 11 December 2015, 4.00 PM

W409, School of Chemistry

The OGU and Cabot Institute are jointly hosting a visit from Jason West who is a Professor of Ecosystem Ecology at Texas A&M University and also co-director of the Stable Isotopes for Biosphere Science laboratory. He has pioneered the use of "isoscapes" as an organizing framework, which includes gathering and using spatially explicit isotope data, isotope mapping and multidisciplinary applications of isoscapes. This is a really exciting new field, which is now being applied in a range of diverse disciplines including ecology, hydrology, biology, biogeochemistry, anthropology, geography and forensics.

It is anticipated that this will be a much more informal discussion-based session with the opportunity to ask questions of Jason and discuss how the isoscape concept might be relevant to our datasets and the possible applications. 

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