How to change the world in three simple steps - a guide to extreme(ly creative) sustainability

19 February 2015, 1.00 PM - 19 February 2015, 2.00 PM

Dr James Norman, Department of Civil Engineering

Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, Queen’s Road, BS8 1RJ

In the first of the Best of Bristol lectures, this talk asked a number of questions about the challenge of sustainability. Questions like why, when we have known about the challenges of sustainability for so long, have we done so little about it? And if we are doing things in the same way in 20 years from now will we have failed in our attempt to make the world a better place? Above all, the talk was aimed at encouraging everyone to start their own list of questions and then set about answering them. To start on their own quest to get serious(ly creative) about sustainability. 
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