The Greening of Religions - Religions, Deep Ecology and Spirituality

20 May 2015, 5.30 PM - 20 May 2015, 6.30 PM

Professor Ursula King

Room 4.10, Graduate School of Education, Helen Wodehouse Building, Berkeley Square 35

Bristol’s year as Green Capital of Europe provides us with an excellent opportunity to think about the greening of religions. Most of the world’s religions developed long before the environmental crisis existed. Yet the different religious traditions contain many insights and practices that can help us to shape environment-friendly attitudes to the Earth and all forms of life.

This lecture, organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies, will explore some key ideas relating to nature, environment and ecology that are currently being discussed in the new field of Ecology and Religion. Scientific developments have led to the rise of a new Earth consciousness. This has opened up new possibilities that can counteract the loss of harmony and balance in human-Earth relations. The ecological movement is not simply secular and activist but represents a profound paradigm shift that ultimately includes a spiritual dimension, especially in the development of what is now known as “deep ecology”.         

While traditional religious attitudes may still lag behind and require transformation, many religious groups have launched new initiatives in developing a more sophisticated and comprehensive global ethic and an ecological spirituality among their followers; they have also contributed to the creation of The Earth Charterwhose Preamble states: “The protection of the Earth’s vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust.”  

Professor King hopes to show how the greening of religions, linked to processes of encounter, dialogue and collaboration, presents a new moment in global religious developments, one that can make an important contribution to the future of people and planet. 


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