Festival of Postgraduate Research

30 April 2015, 2.30 PM - 30 April 2015, 6.30 PM

Anson Rooms, University of Bristol Students' Union, Richmond Building, 105 Queens Rd, Bristol, BS8 1LN

The Festival of Postgraduate Research is a university-wide event designed to help build a postgraduate research community, showcase the postgraduate research taking place at the University and encourage collaborative research across all disciplines. It provides a space for current postgraduate research students to meet other PGRs, and to find out about the support and opportunities available during their studies (and beyond).

In addition to showcasing postgraduate research, there will be a number of 'on the day' events that you can take part in:

Lego challenge

A follow-up to the very popular 'Lego Serious Play' workshop which the BDC ran last June, this will be your chance to try your hand at building a lego version of your 'PhD journey' or the 'supervisor from hell'. This creative thinking challenge will be available at various times throughout the afternoon providing a space for reflection and the opportunity to share your own representation of the postgraduate research experience.

Coffee lab

Continuing the 'building' theme, this will be a cafe space with a difference. Hot drinks will be provided, but some creative engineering and design work will be needed to ensure that you can enjoy them in comfort. We strongly encourage you to bring your friends (or make some new ones) to help with this one!

Network of University support

We will be bringing together representatives from various University services, support teams and research institutes to tell you about the wide range of services and development opportunities available to PGRs during their studies. There may even be some prizes for speaking with these representatives!

Raise a glass to research

The final stages of the afternoon will be marked with a 'mix and mingle' session which will be open to all University staff and students, and will be promoted in particular to undergraduate and master's students who may be considering their postgraduate research options. This will be an opportunity to toast the exciting research being undertaken at Bristol and to find out more about the people behind the research.

Danceroom Spectroscopy

Research collaboration in action! This multi-award winning project conceived at the University of Bristol is at the frontier of Sci-Art collaborations, exploring new languages and crossovers on the interface of physics research, interactive art, education, performance, and technology. It interprets people as energy fields, allowing them to influence both graphics and sound using their movement. Come and have a go for yourself!

To find out more about how postgraduate research students can present their research at this year's Festival, visit the website.

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