Sustainable development and poverty reduction in the face of environmental uncertainty; capacity-building for change

27 January 2015, 12.00 PM - 27 January 2015, 2.00 PM

Room 2.26, 35 Berkeley Square, Graduate School of Education

Cabot Institute: 2014/15 Interdisciplinary Discussion Forum Series

The Cabot Institute is supporting a regular internal discussion forum in order to foster an interdisciplinary network of staff and doctoral students whose research directly or indirectly relates to sustainable development and poverty reduction. The series will engage with research across disciplines in order to respond better to increasingly interdisciplinary research challenges.
If you are a scientist or social scientist and can contribute to this network, please come along to the third of this year’s discussion forums, with networking lunch – for University of Bristol staff, postdocs and doctoral students.
Each discussion forum will focus on research that contributes directly or indirectly to the capacities of people living in marginalised, poor or highly unequal societies around the world who are particularly vulnerable to environmental change. Speakers will communicate their own research to an interdisciplinary audience, and raise questions that cut across different disciplines. In small group discussions, participants will then be able to bring their own disciplinary insights to bear on the questions raised and new perspectives will be shed on the speaker’s work.
In the third of this series, Eric Herring, Reader in the School of Political and International Studies, will be talking to us about his research in Critical Security Studies. In exploring significant contemporary issues around the world – from Iraq to Somalia - Eric’s work questions underlying values, while exploring the prospects and potential for connecting scholarship to positive social change. The talk will challenge both scientists and social scientists in their thinking and engagement with these topical issues.

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