The politics of climate change

17 March 2015, 6.00 PM - 17 March 2015, 8.00 PM


Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Bristol, BS8 1RJ

The Bristol-based journal Policy & Politics are delighted to welcome Lord Anthony Giddens as the speaker for the 20th Policy & Politics Annual Lecture. 
Lord Giddens's book The Politics of Climate Change was first published in 2009. He is currently gathering material for a new edition. In his lecture Giddens will consider how much progress - if any - has been made over the intervening years in containing global warming, arguably one of the greatest threats to a stable future for humanity.
Lord Giddens is a world renowned sociologist, a Labour peer and author or editor of 40 books translated into over 40 languages worldwide. As adviser to Tony Blair, it was Giddens’ “third way” political approach that was adopted as the Party’s guiding political idea. 
Anthony Giddens

Lord Anthony Giddens

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