Engaging nature: the power of activist poetry

4 November 2014, 5.30 PM - 4 November 2014, 5.30 PM

Foyles bookstore, 6 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol BS1 3BU

A picture of the brown argus butterfly by Vince MassimoSpeakers

Dr Mary Phillips, University of Bristol

Susan Richardson, poet, performer, educator


We are rapidly reaching a point of no return in terms of climate change while environmental degradation continues apace. Yet humanity seems unable to make transformative changes in response to these growing ecological crises. A shift in mindsets is needed to reclaim the concept of nature that transcends the scientific or economic arguments that have so abjectly failed to make a real difference. Join us for an evening of poetry, polemic, performance and philosophy as we argue for an embodied and affective response to the natural world of which humanity is a part.


This event is free to attend and open to all but you must register to attend.  Register on the official Thinking Futures website.

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