Risk and the future of British defence

3 November 2014, 6.00 PM - 3 November 2014, 6.00 PM

The Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Bristol BS8 1RJ


Cabot Institute member Prof Tim Edmunds


This event will explore the challenges, choices and opportunities faced by the UK in a complex and uncertain security environment. How can the UK prepare for a world in which no single threat dominates, but where many security challenges interact and multiply? How can and should we navigate challenges as diverse as international terrorism, an increasingly assertive Russia, or instability in North Africa and the Middle East? And how can we do so at a time of continuing public austerity and popular scepticism over the utility of military force?


This event is free to attend but you must book.  Full event details and registration can be found on the official Thinking Futures website.

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