NASA faked the moon landing – therefore, (climate) science is a hoax

18 June 2014, 12.30 PM - 18 June 2014, 12.30 PM

Arnolfini, Bristol Harbourside
At least one U.S. Senator thinks that climate change is ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated’. When this senator writes that ‘the global warming conspiracy threatens your future’, he is not talking about the risks from extreme heat, drought, or flooding. He probably thinks that corrupt scientists are out to install a World Government. Throughout history, the rejection of science has often involved a conspiratorial component. Prof. Stephan Lewandowsky reviews the evidence and explains why scientific reasoning and conspiratorial thinking are polar opposites.

Professor Lewandowsky is the Chair of Cognitive Psychology at Bristol University researching how the human mind works, with a particular interest in how people rationalise a denial of scientific facts.

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