Living at the sharp end of environmental uncertainty in small island states

17 July 2014, 9.00 AM - 17 July 2014, 9.00 AM

Wodehouse Lecture Theatre (TLT), Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1JA

An international conference and research planning workshop

Organised by Centre for International and Comparative Studies (ICS) and its Education in Small States Research Group in association with the  Cabot Institute and Sazani Associates.

This two day multidisciplinary event coincides with the International Year of Small Island Developing States.  This event will bring participants from small states in the Caribbean, The South Pacific and the Indian Ocean together with researchers from across the University of Bristol and the wider UK. It aims to widen the international discourse on living with environmental uncertainty to include voices from those living in small island states and learn from their experiences of living at the 'sharp end'. We will be learning from small states and exploring implications for sustainability and Education for Sustainable Development.

Thursday 17 July Day Conference, 9 am - 5 pm

Event Poster

Day conference bringing together researchers and practitioners working on the topic of environmental uncertainty in small island states.  Activities will include panel discussions, round table presentations and workshops:

  • Keynote address by Dame Pearlette Louisy, Head of State and Governor General of Saint Lucia
  • Contributions from The University of the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean Commission ISLANDS project, Teachers from Zanzibar and Wales
  • Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the GSoE Education in Small States Research Group


Friday 18 July Research Workshop

An invitation-only research planning workshop with stakeholders across the three regions.  This workshop will explore possible areas of research collaboration concerning issues of environmental uncertainty and sustainable development in small island states.

Accommodation: Participants may wish to stay at the Premier Inn, Bristol City Centre, Haymarket. Participants must make their own reservations and cover their own costs.


Full details on the School of Education's website.

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