Pint of Science: Energy challenges and the role of geophysicists in the 21st century

19 May 2014, 7.00 PM - 19 May 2014, 7.00 PM

The Lansdown, 8 Clifton Road, Bristol, BS8 1AF
A Pint of Science talk by Cabot Institute member Professor Michael Kendall, Dr Anna Stork & Dr Anna Horleston.

Ensuring a supply of energy that is secure, affordable and environmentally friendly is one of the biggest challenges facing society in the 21st century. It is widely accepted that we urgently need to reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate global warming, but paradoxically, as of 2012, coal is once again the dominant fuel for electricity in UK – coal that is primarily sourced from other countries. Meanwhile, CO2 emissions in the USA are down to levels last seen in the 1980s, primarily due to the emergence of shale-gas as a viable fuel. The nuclear industry is seeing a renewed life in the UK, but we still struggle to formulate a strategy for disposing of nuclear waste. Finally, renewable energy technologies are developing rapidly, but face their own challenges – there is no single silver bullet. A common theme through these sources of energy is that they all involve geological materials and geophysicists play a key role in exploration for raw materials and monitoring their use. The evening will involve a closer scrutiny of energy resources, addressing misconceptions and discussing viable ways of moving forward.

Tickets cost £2.20 and you must book online.

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