Foresight: Scientific evidence for policy-making in the 21st Century

9 May 2014, 12.00 PM - 9 May 2014, 12.00 PM

Seminar Room 1, Geographical Sciences, Bristol, BS8 1SS
A Cabot Institute lunchtime lecture by Prof  Sandy Thomas , Director of the government's  Foresight Programme .  Since its creation in 1994, the Foresight Programme has helped the UK government to think systematically about the future and has advised the government on how to ensure today‚Äôs decisions are robust in light of future uncertainties. Prof Thomas will discuss major foresight studies ranging from migration and global environmental change to global food and farming futures and their impact on policy and decision making.

Note. This event is open to all UoB staff and students.  No booking required.

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