Cabot Writing Group

14 March 2014, 10.30 AM - 14 March 2014, 10.30 AM

Boston Tea Party (the long table upstairs), Park Street, Bristol


An informal writing support group, open to all Cabot disciplines and all levels.


10.30 am, Friday mornings in March. (7, 14, 21, 28 March)


Because writing support groups can increase publication productivity.  And because coffee, a new setting and peer pressure can help you write.

What to bring

A writing task that you want to work on (e.g. a paper, grant proposal) and a something to write on (e.g. a note pad or a laptop).

What to expect

We’ll meet at 10.30 and get coffee. Each person will declare to the group a goal (e.g. a number of words, finish x section). Everyone writes for 45 minutes. Then each person declares how much they have achieved and whether they’ve reached their goal.

More information



Not needed. Just turn up.

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