Danceroom Spectroscopy Festival

25 October 2013, 10.00 AM - 25 October 2013, 10.00 AM

Brunel's Old Station Passenger Shed, Temple Meads, Bristol
Over 25 and 26 October, danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is going to be installed in Bristol, bigger and better and faster than ever before!

It will take place in the same 21 metre diameter, 360 degree projection dome where it was first shown during the London 2012 Olympics,  and for the first time - it will be used to run an interactive molecular dynamics simulation of the Earth's atmosphere, literally giving you a glimpse of the molecules that make up our atmosphere .

dS is a multi-award winning project that immerses you in the atomic & molecular world - unique in its combination of physics, high performance computing, music, dance and interactive digital art. 

Further details are available on the Watershed's website.

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