Wastewater profiling at a community level: a new paradigm in epidemiological studies of public health

1 October 2013, 12.45 PM - 1 October 2013, 12.45 PM

Canynge Hall, Room LG.08


Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern


Barbara is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath. Her principal research interests fall into the three interrelated research areas of environmental, analytical and water sciences. She is currently the coordinator of SEWPROF (www.sewprof-itn.eu), an interdisciplinary European cross-sectoral Marie Curie Initial Training Network. Herrecent interests are related to urban water and human epidemiology.


An innovative approach towards epidemiological research through utilization of sewage profiling has been recently pioneered to provide near real-time measurements of public health. Although still in its infancy, this approach is currently used to determine community-wide illicit drug use trends via the analysis of urinary drug biomarkers in sewage with the usage of cutting-edge chemical and bio-analytical techniques.
This talk will introduce the concept and its rapid advances including (i)
 estimation of community-wide illicit drug use trends, (ii) identification of the appearance of new synthetic illicit drugs, (iii) assessment of population health and health risk prediction through the analysis of health biomarkers. Several case studies from the UK and Europe will be provided.
This conceptually simple but methodologically sophisticated epidemiological approach could become an early warning system for outbreaks of disease and a unique tool for the identification of hot-spots for pandemics.


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