Animal movement in confined space: from space use patterns to epidemic spread

6 December 2013, 9.00 AM - 6 December 2013, 9.00 AM

Stophert Room, Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, BS8 3NB

Workshop from 6 - 8 December 2013

In many instances animal movement is confined either because the extent of the space available is limited or because competition with other individuals generates an effective spatial constraint. Despite the ubiquity of animals interacting with confining features of the landscape and among themselves, there is a pacthy understanding of how movement of individuals is affected by the finiteness of space. This international workshop will provide a forum to discuss the latest developments and the future directions of such an important topic in animal movement research. The workshop is part of a collaborative research programme to address issues of global significance that include species invasion and epidemic spread, and aims at fostering exchange of ideas between experimentalists and theoreticians working at the interface of ecology, biology, computer science, mathematics and physics.

For further details of the confirmed speakers, venue and schedule please visit the workshop website.


Luca Giuggioli, University of Bristol, UK

Wilson Castro Ferreira, University of Campinas, Brasil

Mark Lewis, University of Alberta, Canada

Joel Miller, Penn State University, USA


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