Stromboli volcano: Explosions, emissions and experiments

17 October 2013, 6.00 PM - 17 October 2013, 6.00 PM

Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, BS8 1RJ
This is an inaugural lecture by Professor Heidy Maider, School of Earth Sciences.

Stromboli volcano (Italy) belongs to a class of volcanoes that explode frequently against a background of substantial continuous gas emissions. The explosions are spectacular and the continuous gas emissions have a significant effect on the Earth’s atmosphere. This lecture will consider the processes involved that allow these two modes of behaviour (explosions and gas emissions) to co-exist. In particular, I will show how we can combine results from laboratory flow experiments and computer models with field observations and petrological and textural data from rock samples to advance our understanding of this style of eruptive behaviour.

This event has been organised by the Public and Cermonial Events Office.

If you require additional support for any of the lectures, e.g. wheelchair access or sign language interpretation, please contact Nicola Fry at the earliest opportunity and we will endeavour to meet your request.

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