Volcano risk lunch - journal tracking

4 June 2013, 12.00 PM - 4 June 2013, 12.00 PM

G38, Wills
The next meeting will be on 4 June (usual 12-1pm) and the plan is to try some 'journal tracking'.

The idea here is for a few of us each time to assess the last three months of articles in key journals and, for any volcanic hazard/risk articles, make a brief record of:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Keywords
  • A short summary (few sentences) of the abstract/key findings. 

We are starting by looking at:

  • Bulletin of Volcanology
  • Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
  • Journal of Applied Volcanology

Contact Susanna Jenkins or Henry Odbert for more info.

Feel free to bring your lunch.  This event is open to all UoB staff and students.

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