Discussion meeting on igneous processes and crustal dynamics in the Central Andes

14 May 2013, 9.30 AM - 14 May 2013, 9.30 AM

Room G8, School of Earth Sciences, Wills Memorial Building

Chair - Dr Jo Gottsmann

The focus of the meeting is to present and discuss findings resulting mainly, but not exclusively, from a current NERC-funded project by the Volcanology and Deep Earth research groups. The format of the meeting will include several talks presenting key findings followed by discussion. One outcome of the meeting will be to identify outstanding questions and elaborate pathways to secure future funding across relevant research groups on the topic of interfacing multi-faceted research on the dynamics of magmatic/volcanic systems."

We hope many of our staff and students will be interested in attending.

Please contact Amy Parker for further information.

Please note this event runs from 9.30 am - 1 pm and is open to UoB staff and students only.


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