Can we trust climate models?

7 June 2013, 5.45 PM - 7 June 2013, 5.45 PM

Cheltenham Science Festival, Town Hall, Cheltenham
Tamsin Edwards

Cabot Institute climate scientist, Dr Tamsin Edwards

Computer-generated models are used to predict future climates, but how much faith should we put in them to guide future actions? Should we treat their predictions as fact or fiction?

With the hot topic of climate change ever current, can we wait to find out?

Join Cabot Institute climate scientist Tamsin Edwards, sceptic Jonathan Jones and policy adviser Claire Craig.

Temperatures could rise in this session…


Tickets cost £8, members £7.  Box office is open 15 April for members and 22 April for non-members.

Get your ticket from the official Cheltenham Science Festival website.


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