Engineers Without Borders Bristol event with Frank Water and The Converging World

26 February 2013, 7.00 PM - 26 February 2013, 7.00 PM

Room 1.18 Queens Building, University Walk,BS8 1TR
This is an opportunity for academics, students and professionals to learn about the two branch partnerships that EWB Bristol have formed this year. A branch partnership refers to EWB teaming up with a charity/organisation/NGO, in this case Frank Water and The Converging World, to work together to provide engineering solutions for the developing world.

Below is a quick summary of the projects that are currently running:

Frank Water, Alternatives to Reverse Osmosis

Frank water is a Bristol based charity that sells bottled water in the UK and uses the profits to give rural communities in India (looking to expand into Africa) clean safe drinking water. The current method of providing this, is using a reverse osmosis plant please see video from their website.  As can be seen this is a highly technical system and Frank Water have asked us to look for an alternative, lower cost, more sustainable solution.

The Converging World, Access to Affordable Energy project

The converging world is another Bristol based charity; they develop wind turbines in the Tamil Nadu area of India. Using charitable loans to fund this Wind turbine project and then, once the turbines start to produce a profit, they use this profit to fund local development projects. One such project is a project to meet the energy needs of surrounding villages.  The project is looking at how different forms of energy production e.g. solar PV, Biomass, Biogas, Wind and Micro-hydro can be used to meet this growing energy demand and the potential of feeding surplus energy back into the grid to generate a profit for the community.

Come meet the teams working on these projects, find out what we are currently working on and most importantly discover how you can help us out, whether this is joining team, providing contacts and support or just simply spreading the word about our projects.

The Itinerary of the evening is:

7 pm - 7.05 pm Intro to branch partnerships/how you can help

7.05 pm - 7.15 pm Intro to Frank Water

7.15 pm - 7.30 pm Frank Water team and alternatives to reverse osmosis project

7.30 pm - 7.40 pm Intro to the Converging World

7.40 pm - 7.55 pm The Converging World team and the access to affordable energy project

7.55 pm - 8.15 pm Discussion/Networking/ Contact sharing

For more information do not hesitate to contact Chloe Tingle.

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