Designing huge wind turbines - the technology and the thrill!

28 February 2013, 5.30 PM - 28 February 2013, 5.30 PM

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol, Queen's Building, University Walk, Bristol BS81TR

Annual Garrad Hassan renewable energy lecture 2013


Rob Sauven - Managing Director, Vestas Technology UK Limited


At 80m in length the Blade for the Vestas 164m Diameter 8MW turbine is the most powerful blade ever.

It is a huge leap from the largest products we have built to date and with it comes some unique challenges.

It is more important than ever that we drive the cost of offshore wind energy down. There are about 10 players in the race and to win it we need to move fast and deliver the lowest cost of energy.

We are making a very 'green' product and for many of us our motivation to be in this business is to help in the fight against climate change. So we are also very aware that our manufacturing methods are far from sustainable, with significant levels of waste. We are using the concepts of the circular economy to inspire us to re-think our future technologies.

The event is free to attend and all are welcome

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