Nuclear Futures Conference: Linking policy and technology

25 March 2013, 9.00 AM - 25 March 2013, 9.00 AM

M-Shed, Bristol, BS1 4RN

This exciting two-day conference with Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre and the UK Project on Nuclear Issues explored the interactions between nuclear policy and nuclear technology.   The conference brought together specialists from government, industry, and academia.

In the face of limited energy resources and carbon emission commitments, many nations around the world are turning to nuclear technology for a secure energy future. This includes the United Kingdom, which plans to invest around £60 billion in new nuclear build. However, safely and securely implementing nuclear energy projects requires effective coordination between those that define a nation’s nuclear policy, and those who can deliver upon it.

The Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre and the UK Project on Nuclear Issues convened a two-day conference to demonstrate, explore, and enhance the important relationships between nuclear stakeholders in the policy and technology arenas.

The conference discussed issues of concern to both nuclear policy-makers and nuclear technicians, identifying specific areas of interaction which would benefit from further coordination. It will also provided young, emerging nuclear specialists with the opportunity to present before, learn from, and network with established experts from other nuclear fields.

Keynote speeches were delivered by representatives of the Nuclear Industries Association and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Lord Hutton of Barrow, Chairman of the Royal United Services Institute gave the keynote speech on 25 March.


Download the audio recordings of the panel sessions and view the individual PowerPoint presentations.  Please note some files are quite large so may take some time to download if your internet connection is slow. 

Panel 1 - Nuclear security [MP3, 73.8 MB]

Chair: Claire Durkin, Vice President and Regional Executive Europe, URS

Panel 2 - Non-proliferation and nuclear export control [MP3, 87 MB]

Chair: Emily Cromwell, Deloitte Customs and Global Trade

Panel 3 - Nuclear innovation and proliferation [MP3, 53.9 MB]

Chair: Dr Richard White, Strategic Systems Assessment, UK Atomic Weapons Establishment

Panel 4 - Innovation in detection and safety [MP3, 68.8 MB]

Chair: David Smith, Bristol-Oxford NRC, University of Bristol

Panel 5 - Innovation in nuclear technology: fission and fusion [MP3, 64.4 MB]

Chair: James Marrow, University of Oxford

Panel 6 - The perennial problem of waste [MP3, 87.8 MB]

Chair: Chris Grovenor, University of Oxford


Download the programme (PDF, 118kB) [PDF, 120 KB]

Information about the sponsors

UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI)

UK PONI was established in 2010 within the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) as a cross-generational network dedicated to fostering dialogue and building expertise amongst emerging nuclear scholars.     



NRC logoBristol-Oxford Joint Nuclear Research Centre (NRC)

The NRC is a joint venture between the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford, creating a centre of national and international importance in Nuclear Research. The NRC is part of the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute, which researches how we live with global uncertainty.



Cabot Institute

The Cabot Institute brings together world-class expertise, developing truly multidisciplinary research programmes to tackle the challenges of uncertain environmental change.


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