Cabot Institute Public Lecture - Communicating climate: rethinking the role of scientists

1 March 2013, 6.00 PM - 1 March 2013, 6.00 PM

Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol

This sold out lecture was organised by The Cabot Institute in association with The Public and Ceremonial Events Office


Professor Chris Rapley, Department of Earth Sciences University College London (former head of the British Antarctic Survey and the Science Museum).


The climate system has been unusually stable during the last 12,000 years, but human activity will likely destabilise this sensitive system.

Professor Rapley spoke about:

  • the challenges of communicating climate science
  • risk and uncertainty
  • the pitfalls of scientists as activists, and
  • what we can learn from listening to public views of climate change.

View the slides from the presentation.  Please note this is a very large file and may take some time to download [PDF, 16.7 MB]

View images from the event on Flickr.



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