FSSL - What can the Cabot Institute do for you?

30 March 2012, 2.00 PM - 30 March 2012, 2.00 PM

4th floor Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square.
Are you a social scientist at the University of Bristol?  If so, this event is being held especially for you. 

Social scientists have been very engaged with Cabot since its inception, but we would still like to build awareness within the Faculty of what Cabot is doing and, more importantly, what Cabot can do for you. 

The event is to:

- Introduce you to colleagues from other Schools with similar research interests
- Hear about Cabot's activities and future plans from Director Paul Bates
- Share your ideas with the Cabot team
- Find out about upcoming funding opportunities through Cabot and from external funders

We'll have tea and coffee, biscuits and fruit on offer.

Please register (so that we have an idea of numbers) by responding to cabot-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk


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