Cabot Institute Artist in Residence: Neville Gabie

3 April 2012, 1.00 PM - 3 April 2012, 1.00 PM

Room 410, Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1JA

Neville Gabie flying a kite

Neville Gabie flying a kite in Antartica

A fantastic insight into Neville Gabie's experiences as an Artist in Residence and what he hopes to bring to Cabot.

View the audio slideshow of this event and enjoy the artistic visuals and video content of Neville's past work.

Further information

Gabie‚Äôs interest is in establishing a working relationship within a particular community as a means of considering its physical, cultural or emotional geography.  Previous projects include the Olympic Park London and Cabot Circus.

More information on Neville can be found on Neville's Cabot web page


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